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First off, I can see other people's argument. You don't need to 'bump' it when commenting on the thread does the exact same thing.
But ... while a "support" type comment goes well the first time, it is redundant afterwards. And you may not always have more things to add to the actual discussions (ie: suggestions or critique, helping to flesh out a concept, etc).
Too many "bumps" from the OP or frequent supporters can also be viewed as spam or drown out the true suggestions or support options.

By letting in-game and forum friends bump would be a good start.

Another option would be to simply reduce the timer on the bump button, going from 10 minutes to maybe 1-2, or putting the cap on the number of bumps in a day (ie: much like in game, at daily reset, the player gets 10-20 bumps they can use on their own threads)

Maybe also add a "fan bump" that is also capped per day. You can use it to help a friend or just a thread you like. But you can only do it once or twice per day.

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