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Hello everyone.

I come here with suggestion towards halo's, as it's already understandable from the title of this thread. I have seen threads regarding halo's, but they were just about adding new ones or adding recoloring option to them. That is not what I am here for. In these days I find it really hard to collect required amount of gold tickets for a halo of any kind, mostly because of 0 activity in castle wars. About this point I think everybody has understood what is my suggestion, since it is in Solmon's General Store section. I would really love to see halo's being added to Solmon's general store as cosmetic override, leaving the original halo's as rewards for gold tickets. Reasoning behind this is simple. Mostly the halo's are used as cosmetic item for outfits. So adding it to Solmon's Store would suit it's purpose for people and I am certain that people will love having them as cosmetic override, including me, while not ruining the original item as itself for people, who already has it with the options, that it gives. So, what do you guys think about this suggestion? :)
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30-Jun-2016 12:09:03

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I'd support if the halos are different from the ones you can get from Castle Wars, different colours/styles etc. If they're just the same as the current Castle Wars on then I'd say no support, because it's not really fair on those who spent a lot of time at the minigame to get theirs. Plus, games run pretty much 24/7 in World 24, so they are not unobtainable :)

30-Jun-2016 18:25:57

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A very naughty bump indeed, but any discussion on the RSOF is a good discussion so I hope this thread is allowed to stay! :)

I love CW, and I love the halos. I was a bit disappointed when the Valentine's halo was released, as I felt it devalued the CW halos a bit, but it's grown on me. The fact that it doesn't have particles is a big part of the fact that I'm okay with it now. Plus it is smaller and less impressive.

I would be okay would halos in SGS so long as they didn't have particles and didn't look more prestigious than the CW ones. No particles, simpler, but perhaps recolourable. I also think that any god-themed items should be left out of SGS in this instance. For example, if they were ever to be a Zaros, Seren or Bandos halo, it should be obtainable in-game in some way, such as through Castle Wars.
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20-Sep-2017 01:57:02

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Also it doesn't really matter how old a thread is if you bump it as long as the discussion is still relevant and, in most cases, it's you (OP) who is doing the bumping/necromancing.
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20-Sep-2017 20:12:05

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I'm gonna be a hard-ass and say no support. Castle Wars still runs game when it is active on spotlight. Halo's are one of the few things that actually take a while to get (afk or not); after I spent many weeks in Castle Wars I don't want anything resembling my halo to be on SGS.

04-Oct-2017 15:56:20

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