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Jaekob Caed said:
Isharial said:

Well, the thing is that yeah, the retro items look more realistic and true according to real-world history and such but Jagex is trying to take the game away from that typical medieval fantasy trope that you're seeing make a resurgence in clichefests like GoT or The Witcher. They're trying to take it towards a more high fantasy, all original approach. That's why I feel retro stuff just doesn't fit in the modern game.

And if we have to have retro stuff, why couldn't they have given them a facelift? For example, they could have implemented weapons and armor that are retro-themed but fit with the current graphics at least. Instead, they just dug up the pre-EoC models, threw them in the game and charge for them to get a quick buck.

Or another solution could be that Jagex could offer players a toggle that hides retro overrides for the individual so they don't have to see them. I already mostly confine myself to w66 because I don't care to see the crappy, old Legacy animations. I don't mind that people like it but I just prefer to not see them myself. That's why I wish we could have a toggle or no-retro world.

Valar morghulis

30-Aug-2017 16:43:20

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