Country Style Outfit (Cowboys)

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Cowboy/Cowgirl/Country style..

Hat: Cowboy Hat, recolor-able between black/white/straw colored
Shirt: Sort of like the beach style shirt, but a little more plaid looking, and a bit more closed up to the top, rolled up sleeves
Pants: Wrangler Jeans, need I say more?
Boots: Cowboy Boots, goes up to halfway between the knee and the foot, the ability to toggle spurs or not
Amulet: Necktie/handkerchief

Weapon overrides: 2h bow: Lasso? 2h Melee Weapon: a cattle prod/pitchfork? 2h staff: Be creative, idunno lol

(Possible walking stance) legs slightly seperated as if just got off a horse..
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support. I'd want for the cowboy hat. currently farmer's hat is kinda close, not quite the marlboro cowboy look though lol

maybe have lasso as a whip?

my additions
-I'd definitely want an optional sheriff star or rs equivalent.
-would like to see a pistol over-ride better than imcandos. I Prefer no pistols in rs, but imcandos are just bad looking
-holster belt cape over-ride.

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