Finger Point-n-Shoot Override

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Tophurious said:
Draco Burnz said:
No support.


tbh, it doesn't matter.
I do feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. frankly, not everyone is going to support a decision. Not everyone is going to go into some big statement about why they might or might not like something.

The other part is that this is a simple idea. It's not like discussing an idea for a quest or minigame of pvm content that can argue over lore, balancing, or mechanics.

He doesn't support a Unicorn Horn for the head slot either. Again, a simple idea that isn't going to make or break the universe, nor is it something with a great deal of depth behind the idea.

The whole point of this animation is that it I hoped it would be "simple" to do from a dev standpoint and I personally thought it might have been a little funny.
But I also know that not everyone shares my sense of humor.

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