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Trump has no business in Runescape, so he can butt out. And I am pretty sure most of Europe hates hims. Come the Sixth-Age, the world will need the World Guardian.

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No support.

Get Rekt lib. You know dems getting BTFO in the midterms. I can't wait to see all the meltdown compilations on youtube, it'll be like election night all over again. :D

You do realize Trump will have 3 SCOTUS appointments in his first term. Your lifetime will be under a 7-2 right wing supreme court. He has successfully secured Gun rights for the next 20 years and Roe v wade will probably be overturned in your lifetime.

But seriously, NO. President Donald J Trump is a Political figure and has no place in the fictional world of Runescape. It ruins the immersion (well, what little immersion is left) if we start adding celebrities to the game. Not to mention politicizing the game would literally kill what's left of RS3 at this point since we only have 20k people online. That shit would not fly in this game.

I don't wanna get all political but there's no denying the community of Runescape is extremely right wing. And you can see like in The Gay Pride event in OSRS, when they tried to politicize the game they faced a huge backlash and people literally donned Klan robes and Nazi Cosplay and started rioting in the thousands and many people got banned.

It's highly destructive to the game to make it political, leave that shit for real life.

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