Vampyre god?

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I'm sure many of you have seen and used the chapel within Darkmeyer. There's a statue which animates upon praying at it, and the examine text even reveals that it's an impression of a vampyric god. Has anyone else wondered who might this god be, and what it fails to mentioned along any point of the Myreque quest series? (I'm at the boss fight of LoV so idk if this happens in RoB or not)

Any thoughts or theories?

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Hmm said:
The idea it's an actual god might be too far

Prayer in this game is a weird subject, but it's highly implied that it doesn't have much to do with actual religion, but instead summoning the power of the dead to aid you - I'd imagine then that a significant enough cultural icon could have the same power as any traditional alter, just how the Rune Essence memorial to Guthix by falador eventually gathered enough power to become an alter itself just through the community around it, it certainly isn't Guthix that gave it that himself.


that's actually a very good explanation! :D
I always wondered what sense did it make that praying in altars of different gods gave the the exact same benefits, and how even zamorak and bandos worshippers could still use protection prayers
and since getting prayer xp is gained nearly exclusively by honoring the dead in some way or another, everything perfectly fits into place.

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In Lord of Vampyrium, the book "A Taste of Hope" says that the founder of House Vitur was worshipped as a god by both members of House Vitur and non-vampyres. Given that this seems to be the only vampyric religion we've been exposed to, I'm inclined to think it's him.

I doubt he was an actual ascended being, personally. Most likely he was simply an exceptional vampyre that was deified after his death.

Ancestor worship fits nicely with the Vampyres. They seem so fixated on being the top of the food chain (RoB spoilers example:
see Safalaan's speech about standing on top a mountain of lives and the feeling of euphoria that came with it
) that it would be unnatural for them, I think, to worship a "higher" being. There isn't anything higher than a vampyre in their eyes. Even Zamorak was only considered an ally and wasn't worshipped by them (at least not widely).

Only a vampyre can be a god to a vampyre.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

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Sometimes, iconography isn't geared towards any god, but towards the idealized form.

Here, Vampyres consider themselves to be dominant. In some ways, they are, being able to turn virtually any race into once of their own.

Thus the statue isn't giving reverence to any one deity, but more to give reverence to themselves.

Plus, we know that the Vampyres never truly followed Zaros or Zamorak the way other races did.
It's not to say that there weren't some vyres that truly followed them, much the same way one might have blindly followed Bandos.
But for most, it was at best, an acknowledgement of the either deity's power or an agreement with their ideology. At minimum, it was a frail military alliance.
Afterall, Drakan was heavily focused on Morytania and outside of some Vampyres aiding Zamorakian forces in battles such as for the Godsword, his forces weren't too active elsewhere. It wasn't even until the 3rd Age (after the God Wars) that the great holy barrier of the Salve was created.

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