Vampyre god?

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Sometimes, iconography isn't geared towards any god, but towards the idealized form.

Here, Vampyres consider themselves to be dominant. In some ways, they are, being able to turn virtually any race into once of their own.

Thus the statue isn't giving reverence to any one deity, but more to give reverence to themselves.

Plus, we know that the Vampyres never truly followed Zaros or Zamorak the way other races did.
It's not to say that there weren't some vyres that truly followed them, much the same way one might have blindly followed Bandos.
But for most, it was at best, an acknowledgement of the either deity's power or an agreement with their ideology. At minimum, it was a frail military alliance.
Afterall, Drakan was heavily focused on Morytania and outside of some Vampyres aiding Zamorakian forces in battles such as for the Godsword, his forces weren't too active elsewhere. It wasn't even until the 3rd Age (after the God Wars) that the great holy barrier of the Salve was created.

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