ThePoturducken' Incident

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Possibility 1: The tastes didn't go well together.
People can have a varied palette/appetite. It's just possible that this particular mix of meats didn't create a savory taste. Maybe even the trolls refused to eat it.

Possibility 2: Cost
We don't see turkey very often. Pigs were on the decline before someone convinced everyone that they could be eaten. We've never seen ducks drop meat.
The shock that everyone had may not have been from the taste of the food, but the size of the bill at the end of the meal. Or worse, the chef made the King see the bill before the meal. The King and everyone expected great things .. and instead ... they got 'meh'. The meal being a disaster because it would've been cheaper to drink half jugs of wine for everyone.

Possibility 3: Poorly cooked
One of the real life challenges of stuffing meats like that is that you run the risk of not properly cooking the inner layers due to how much the heat has to transfer thru.
An inexperienced chef or a miscalculation and you go from a culinary wonder to a massive case of food poisoning.

24-Jul-2019 00:25:25

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