You've done Saradomin dirty.

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You have to remember:
- RS has been around since 2001, with several different lead game designers and most quests being written by different developers. so there is going to be a lot of 'variation' in a character's protrayal
- don't get too tied down to the whole 'factions' thing. Jagex added it as only a bit of role playing and flavor back in 2013. it has very little impact on gameplay. they also soon regretted it. (hence why some like the Godless had gotten next to no screen time)

ALL of the gods were affected by Sliske using the Stone of Jas's (at Jas's teachings) to remove/reduce the godhood of the players. Thus none of them had any sense of prescience (they couldn't see into the future).
Saradomin, Zamorak, AND Aramdyl each had made a deal with Zaros because Zaros had dones something to each (Zamorak was the Ritual to save the Mahjarrat from Mah, Aramdyl was a deal to help the Avainese). Saradomin was that this was his biological daughter. One that he had kept alive via stasis and magic for 10000 years. Ofc he was going to do everything he could to protect her.

In addition, most of the 'gods' are just empowered mortals (except for Seren and Zaros). Each of their characterizations is such as to show they are flawed beings.
Saradomin even goes on a rant in one like Death of Chivalry that he had made a number of questionable decisions. He goes into the whole long term thinking that comes with being so long lived, rather than having a few decades of lifespan.
Granted, it is nice that he owns his decisions.
But to some, there is still a massive dose of arrogance to him.

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