What If: Bandos won WE2

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I'll try not to go too far off the rails with this. Sticking with known stories that Bandos would have been involved with.

A simple question: What would have happened if Bandos had won WE2 (The Bird and the Beast)?

The Obvious Stuff

- Bandos would be alive. Armadyl would be dead.
- Bandos' Tower would still be standing. Armadyl's tower and the Divine Focus would be destroyed.
- Zanik would not have been slowly fading towards death as she is tied to Bandos' power. (From The Mighty Fall.)
- The humans within the Bandosian ranks would not have been purged.
- A number of followers of Armadyl would have a major blow to their psyches.
- Bandos would likely have filled in the slots in future events wherever Armadyl was, just providing a different set of dialogue and motivations.

This would be the more mundane tl;dr response to the question.

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What about game play elements?

Once you get past the whole "Aramdyl dead, Bandos alive", developers wouldn't be able to change certain things.

- You would still have the human Guardians of Armadyl in the Temple of Ikov.
- The avianese with the God Wars Dungeon would still be fighting there.
- There would still be Warbands of Armadyl wandering around.
- The Emmisary would still be present.

Developers would not be able to remove these as these are still core parts of gameplay. The corresponding Bandos content wasn't changed, thus neither would Armadyl.

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What would happen to the other followers of Armadyl?

Most likely, disbandment and joining up with other factions. Saradomin and the Godless being the most likely to benefit with the swelling of numbers.
True, those like the Guardians of Armadyl would keep up their following of Armadyl's teachings. But as psychology goes, often one could have their faith shattered after the leader is killed/disgraced, and go looking for someone who is a close fit (ie: Saradomin, Seren) or someone that would still allow you to oppose an ideology after having your own broken (ie: Godless).

The roving warbands with the icons of Armadyl would likely continue to do so. Their own reasoning could be difficult to understand. The warbands could even now be made up of the more militant members of Armadyl's human following and that they retreated to the Wilderness to seek revenge.

The majority of the Avianese would likely return thru some portal to Abbinah, where it would be 'safer' by comparison to Gielinor.

The Avianese in the God Wars Dungeon, led by Kree'arra, would continue the fight for the Godsword. While the Bandosians led by Graardor fought to get the Godsword after WE2 to maintain some sense of relevancy, the Aradyleans without Armadyl, would likely fight in order to keep the Godsword out of the hands of the other factions (and for some, a faint hope to use it to get justice ... or revenge ... for Armadyl).

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Bandos' role in the 6th Age Story after WE2?

Bandos sees himself as a general and mighty warrior.

In WE3: Tuska Comes, it is simple that Bandos would take part in the chance to kill Tuska.
Here, he would have simply been filling in Armadyl's place.

In Sliske's Endgame, Bandos would have been 1 of the invited parties to the final showdown. within the maze, he and his party, would likely take any opportunity to fight or at least troll, the other parties within the maze.
It might be difficult to know what Bandos would have done with the Stone of Jas had he 'won'.
Much like Armadyl in Sliske's Endgame, Bandos would have been the more likely one to have reached the end of the maze, depending on player choices.

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Bandos and the Kyzaj Tournament?

Here, we probably have a strange case of a quest that might not have occurred if Bandos had won. Instead, devs may have focused on the Avianese after the loss of Armadyl.

But, it would be safe to assume here that the events leading up to and during the tournament would have been similar.

Bandos or the Bandosians would make a move on the Cave Goblins for staying out of the big battle. In addition, Bandos would likely make the move in order to finally claim Zanik.

Until now, Zanik had done everything in her power to avoid this fate. The main difference this time is that she would not be weakening without Bandos' own godly energy being around.
The World Guardian would once again be asked by the Cave Goblins to intervene.

In the previous iteration of The Mighty Falls, the Bandosians were somewhat divided. They used the Kyzaj Tournament as a way to have a single leader.
In this iteration, you have a scenario where Bandos is around, but there might not be unity among his faction, especially since his hand picked "chosen commander" doesn't actually want the job. But ... his other generals would love the chance to have the job.
The tournament would be used as a way to further unify the faction or as a ploy by Zanik.

However, Zanik would likely still be dragged into the tournament. Most likely: her participation prevents an invasion of her home.

The World Guardian is permitted to enter because Bandos would likely find it amusing and you have proven yourself. And Zanik could ask you to fight for her as she could either be suffering from some self doubt, or she acknowledges that while she is a capable fighter, she feels you have the 'better' chance at winning.

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In this scenario, there is unlikely to have been a "purge of humans" from the Bandosian ranks, and thus, less likely for there to be human infiltrators.
But the scenario could have also changed to where the Humans of the Bandosians would feel that they are an accomplished race AND helped to win the battle against Armadyl, thus they might feel entitled to take part as well. Taking out 1 or more of the other champions would give them a chance.
But ... their methods might not be Bandosian enough or something. And losing to the 'trained attack beast' (who is also human) of the cave goblins, would likely put an end to their chance to participate.

The tournament would continue as normal.
As for Zanik, how it ends would be open for debate.
In this scenario, she might not be able to resist Bandos anymore, and give in to becoming the Chosen Commander.
She may feel that becoming the General would allow her to try to change them from within, even with Bandos looking over her shoulder. Or even convince the Bandosians to still return to Yubiusk because "Gielinor has made them weak" and thus removing the core of Bandos' forces.
She may also simply prefer death to serving Bandos.

Either way, Graardor would still return to the God Wars Dungeon to continue the fight there.
If Zanik was commander, he would probably still not want to associate with her.
Also, it is still one of the active battlefronts and the place for the greatest glory. And, giving Bandos the Godsword would now give him two potential god slaying weapons (along with the Scarecrow).

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Player Owned Ports: Kakashi?

Davosi was Bandos' head diviner during the battle with Armadyl.
When Bandos died, he went to the Wushanko Isles and began experimenting there.
Thus kicking off a Player Owned Ports storyline involving The Exile, The Memory, and The Tengu.

While before, he did it out of a desire to get revenge on the World Guardian for Bandos' defeat.
Now, he could have 'other' motivations for continuing to do this project. Perhaps he feels the World Guardian was still an issue or a 'threat'. Perhaps he has Bandos' permission to do this in an effort to kill another god. Perhaps he just wanted to see what else/more he could do (afterall, he did just help kill a god).

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Bandos' relations with the other gods?

At this stage, it would be difficult to assume what else Bandos would do .... given developer resources.

It would be safe to assume he would try to push for more fighting and battles.

Saradomin would obviously be concerned. The Scarecrow would be very close by (remember, Bandos' Tower was located by the goblin village, north of Falador.) The shot from the Scarecrow that would slay Armadyl wouldn't have too much difficulty hitting Falador, which be be just slightly further north than where Armadyl's tower would now be a pile of rubble.
Not to mention, Armadyl and Saradomin were at least something close to being natural allies. While in the modern age, the 2 didn't quite get along. Their relationship was still far more civil than what either of them had with Zamorak or Bandos.

Vorago would hold no love for Bandos either. Vorago was upset at Armadyl for using up that much anima from the world during the battle. But where Armadyl felt sorry for his actions, Bandos would welcome a fight (or at least to send his minions) against Vorago.

The other major deities had also made their opinions about Bandos known in the past, and the defeat of Armadyl in the modern age, would not change those old thoughts.

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Lopendebank3 said:
The lore discord had a jmod q/a about bandos role in Sliske's endgame. He would trade the stone of Jas for zanik

That would make sense for Bandos in his deal with Zaros.
Zaros would "acquire" Zanik somehow, then offer to swap.

Seren's side of it would be ... interesting.
With Saradomin, she says she rescued his daughter and would give her back.
With Armadyl, Zaros' offer was to help the Avianese, Seren I think offered to do the same.
We know what Zamorak's deal with Zaros was, but has anyone seen what Seren's counter proposal would have been?

For Bandos, I'd find it strange she'd have a counter offer to Bandos in exchange for Zanik.
It's not exactly like Seren would have been comfortable with the thought. Helping the avainese? sure. Returning a daughter to a father? of course. Doing something to make up for the eons she tricked the children of Mah (and now only a few remain)? Again, sure.

And she had started to go down a far more ... active ... path to dealing with the larger issues.
Would she have willingly given one person to Bandos in exchange to try to 'save the universe'?

The other complication is that there is no guarantee that Zanik would be alive.

True, with the result of WE2, Zanik was going to die one way or another.
With Bandos alive, that means that Zanik would still be alive, at least for a while.
(we can't exactly follow Nomad's Elegy in this continuity. Zanik's role in the quest would have likely been played by another deceased adventurer friend)

but. she was still an adventurer. If ... something ... happened .... then no one would have her as a bargaining chip.
then it stands to question what else Seren might have had to offer up in exchange. Heck ... what Zaros might have had to offer up in exchange.

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Was Bandos more likely to win? Sure. But nothing is ever guaranteed.
Afterall, isn't the player character the underdog in many of the quest battles?
Besides, Bandos' "victories" makes him sound more like an armchair general than a front line fighter. A number of his early "victories" were against weaker forces, or monk types. He killed Jodou while the god was virtually helpless. He was a god among mortals in all of his other endeavors. It was 3 v 1 against Zamorak (and was WITH Armadyl for most of it). And he constantly ran from Guthix, throwing his minions in Guthix's path.

As for the fight itself, having the 2 go toe to toe would have been a mess from a dev PoV.
So having the 2 sit for the whole thing was "easy".

Armadyl may have known a 1v1 fight would have done a lot of collateral damage.
Both of them knew there was a chance the other would run (tactical retreat?) if it came up.
So one or both offered up a high stakes game of chicken (no pun intended).
Let the mortal followers decide it. Which of them was the one they wanted.

Bandos did have the larger known following. Bandosians were numerous.
But, like WE1, adventurers were going to be an X-factor.

Don't forget the other gods.
Saradomin would have likely preferred to have Armadyl win over Bandos. Plus Misthalin and Asgarnia are his turf.
Zamorakians probably remember that Bandos fought against Zamorak.
Bandos' constant warring could have interfered with Zaros' plans.

And you've got fair weather followers, mercenaries, etc. The second anyone got a whiff of whichever side was losing, was going to bail for the other.

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Unlike Aramadyl, would Bandos have siphoned off some of Arma's power after offing him? Sure. That'd probably have brought him back up to where he was in terms of power before trying to create his Chosen Commander.

As for post event, there is the possibility that Zamorak and Saradomin may have both started to attack Bandos' god slaying weapon immediately after the battle in order to prevent it from being used on them.
Plus to prevent the other god(s) from getting their hands on it.
If either of them couldn't capture it, they could just destroy.
Either way, they'd act to do something before Bandosians could power it up again.

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