Lore-wise, how powerful is PC?

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I need to cut you off a little because a few of the things you brought up have major caveats:

- Arravs and the Barrows Bros - RotM was a 5th Age quest. This was long before Sliske empowered them with magics from the Shadows to their RotS form

- The fight against Vanstrom - again, 5th Age AND the player had tactical support from 5 people

- The fight against the 2 Tormented Demons - the player was heavily amped up by the Stone of Jas. While you are still amped up during the RotM, it wasn't to the same degree. In DAT, the player isn't exactly amped up, but instead, channeled the power of the SoJ into their weapon rather than themselves.

The player character (aka World Guardian) for most parts is a very capable mortal but not the most powerful. The ability to 'no-sell' the power of up to Tier 2 gods (Sliske's Endgame shows that Jas and other Elder Gods can smite you ... ) to an extent due to the protective effect.
Skill, muscle strength, and magical capacity may never fully be tapped into as characters such as the Wise Old Man, the Mahjarrat, and Baxtorian are still leagues ahead of us there.

We often defeat opponents because they grossly underestimate us (and thus held back or were sloppy) or we catch them at a time when they are at their weakest or because they technically let us win.
Other times we won because while they were superior, tenacity and luck won the day for the World Guardian (just because you have every advantage doesn't guarantee you the win).

Tapping into the true power of the World Guardian power can allow you to overcome even empowered Mahjarrat (they have the power akin to a low tier god themselves). However the conditions to tap into it might be difficult to replicate on a regular basis, and even then, potentially limited.

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@Hazeel ...
dear god do I break your comment ...
True, no, you don't need to be a god to kill a god.
Guthix, Sliske, Zamorak, and the Dragonkin all had an Elder Artifact when they slew a god.
When Bandos killed Jododu Otoku, Jododu was at his/her absolute lowest power because all their energy was into protecting the planet (like Guthix's anti-god barrier), but Jododu wasn't even close in power to Guthix.
To top off Guthix's situation ... he wanted to die.
We're uncertain to the full scenario behind Marimbo's ascension. We know that there was a drinking contest, and that there was some sort of horn (possible the Elder Horn). Next thing when Marimbo woke up, she was no longer just a gorilla, but now a goddess of partying. So we don't know if she really drank a god under the table to the point the god died of alcohol poisoning, or if the god (similar to Guthix) had grown weary of the constant partying (or even godhood) and intentionally lost the contest or intentionally transferred their power to Marimbo.

The closest we maybe see to a mortal killing a god in a head on fight is if during Nomad's Elegy, you let Death do the final blow to Gielinor. But even then, it would be hard to call Death a 'mortal', and Gielinor's status as a 'god' could also be in question (a stitched together being of random souls certainly might have had the power of a god ... )
Wight Nomad was jokingly called a god by Sliske (to also count in his little Scoreboard contest). True, Wight Nomad had a fragment of the World Guardian power in him, and was still one of the more powerful battlemages around. But to be a 'god' in his own right?

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The World Guardian powers:
- Passive protection from 'gods'
-- they can't directly teleport you with out your permission (though as Seren demonstrated in Children of Mah it can be done indirectly and Saradomin could teleport items that were on you in such as the Wand of Ressurection, though it still took effort)
-- they can't directly enter you without your permission (demonstrated by Zaros)
Though there was the contradiction with the 'blessings' during WE1 where everyone got buffs or debuffs and such. Though may be a question of if Sara/Zam were using '"non-god" versions of the spells, of if the effects were heavily nerfed to the player character due to the power, but everyone else was being majorly effected (ie: 100% buffs while you only got 10%)
-- You can't be controlled
-- You can disrupt the effects of god spells (even Elder God, though only briefly)

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