Tuska Comes, the plot hole

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During World Event 3, we had the spoilers of Tuska coming to eat Runescape!!!
Ofc, Wizard Chambers, an astromancer, detected her coming (thankfully?) and launched a monkey with a lodestone so we could teleport there to deal with the oncoming problem.

Day arrives, and ... there's a war council on Tuska's back. Wizard Chambers has everything set up.

We have an entirely convenient setup to go to war and deal with the problem.
Heck, we even have instructions on HOW to gather anima and means in place to start working (ie: building pylons)

Yet, at the same time, it seems the ONLY people doing anything about Tuska are us adventurers who arrived to find all of this setup.
Where's everyone else?

Well ... you also notice how Wizard Chambers conveniently had a barrier up so everyone could breathe? and not float off into space?

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Theory Part 1: manpower
As I mentioned, when the players/adventurers arrive ... everything is setup.
We know what to do.
We just need someone to do it.

I think the 4 factions did have a number of soldiers and artisans there first.
The players were simply "late to the party".

By the time the players/adventurers arrived ............. everyone else was dead and their poor corpses drifting off into the void of space.

The sacrifices weren't in vain.
We, the adventurers, profited with free xp in the most efficient manner since we knew what to do and didn't have to waste another day doing any prep work. We could just dive right into it.

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Theory Part 2: Off-screen action
Remember the bug infested meteors that impacted the planet during Tuska's approach?
Remember the Airut that had a foothold off the coast of Piscatoris?

It's possible that additional manpower was diverted to look for these problems.

Perhaps a few meteors fell in remote places and factionally aligned artisans and troops dispersed all over the world to deal with it to prevent new creatures from popping up and causing issues.
Or small parties of Airut phased in somewhere and Slayers and troops dealt with them before players could respond (and those slayers and troops died ... thus no one was able to report what happened).

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Tuska comes was rushed. And was pretty empty. We were suppose to have enemies to fight also (not the fleas), these empowered airuts. But instead everything was made different.

Remember, the world events are made so that the players, are doing something, but also a mean to see what other supporters do. In this cause in the world event(s), when our character story wise joins one faction, (depending on the winner or loser doesn't matter) we are not the only one helping the said god. Tuska comes is pretty much like that, in my opinion.

For short all those we saw on Tuska back, are also either warriors, supporters, or other adventurers. So it was an off screen action, we were helping them, they were helping us, but in a sense of "it's other players who play the npc's."
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A Mighty

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This should be canon, since Jagex didn't really think much about the lore for this event..
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this is a more interesting explanation than waving it away with magic, at least
Adventurerrr said:
Tuska comes was rushed.
Patrolling Lore FC almost makes you wish for a Great Revision.

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Can't have plot holes if you don't even have a plot *taps head*

Why Jagex thought putting raids on Mazcab was a good idea instead of more closely integrating them with the Tuska event I'll never know. The event could have basically been raids with some mechanical differences, where players fought against Durzag with many of the same mechanics. And then a ton of stuff would be reused for full raids. Instead both Tuska Comes and Raids were extremely lacking.
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