Lore of "The Risen"

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So .... cosmetic set came with a bit of "lore"

This fallen warrior mage met its gruesome end in the swamps of Mort Myre. Now it has returned to claim its kingdom.

- Tarn's Lair is the remains of a temple. Clearly, long long ago, there was a civilization of sorts there.
We don't know the exact Age this temple was build or when those living there were lost.
It is possible that this Warrior-Mage was the final ruler of that empire.

- The character's "empire" was rather small and short lived.
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It is possible that a powerful warrior/mage did manage to carve themselves out a little empire in Mort Myre after the rise of Drakan. Vampyres have never truly bothered to try to control the whole area 24/7. So it is possible, that for a few years or decades, that someone managed to get a few villages under their control. Rule it. Then die out. Then the swamp reclaimed everything and everyone returned to fearing the real threat: the vyres.

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Lord Drakan
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From Tarn's diary:
Original message details are unavailable.

20th of Pentember

Today we excavated the entrance to a building! I do not recognize the style of masonry used, but the creators must have been about the same height and girth as I am, judging by the size of doorways and stair-cases. The temple is fraught with traps, but will make a fine base for me to wait whilst my army of undead retrieves a piece of the Salve Crystal. I have several theories pertaining to the origin of this strange temple. If I am correct, we are deep underground, directly below the village of Burgh de Rott. It may be that this temple was built as a fortification against an invasion from the desert nomads, who live to the west of here. Alternatively, perhaps it was built as the bequest of one of the lesser vampire lords who ruled this area when Drakan came to power. However, I believe that it was probably built to guard an ancient treasure. My reasoning is thus; there doesn't seem to be any type of altar that we have found yet and the temple is littered with traps. Further research may reveal an answer. In the meantime I have enchanted this diary of mine with the spell needed to enhance the powers of the crystal. I await my minions return.

So we don't know what kind of temple Tarn's Lair is. It may have been an old Saradominist thing from the Icyenic kingdom; after all we know there are old, partially collapsed temples hidden beneath Meiyerditch to this day.

But what is it...
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