Lore of "The Risen"

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So .... cosmetic set came with a bit of "lore"

This fallen warrior mage met its gruesome end in the swamps of Mort Myre. Now it has returned to claim its kingdom.

- Tarn's Lair is the remains of a temple. Clearly, long long ago, there was a civilization of sorts there.
We don't know the exact Age this temple was build or when those living there were lost.
It is possible that this Warrior-Mage was the final ruler of that empire.

- The character's "empire" was rather small and short lived.
Might makes right has a place, even IRL.
It is possible that a powerful warrior/mage did manage to carve themselves out a little empire in Mort Myre after the rise of Drakan. Vampyres have never truly bothered to try to control the whole area 24/7. So it is possible, that for a few years or decades, that someone managed to get a few villages under their control. Rule it. Then die out. Then the swamp reclaimed everything and everyone returned to fearing the real threat: the vyres.

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