Rainbow's End

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Dilbert2001 said:

Interestingly, Hiscores show you have 2718 total levels, not 2736. :D:D:D

I am maxed too, maxed as in having 2736 total levels, not 2718... I can still use the items and multiplier unlock though. :D:D:D

Oh, you are right, I dont have 120 dungeoneering.

However, I still have max cape, so it is good enough. I am using daily challenges to slowly get that 120, I am in no hurry and help that bonus xp gives is rather insifficant. I havent dungeoneered in group since skill was released and random teams gave me cripling depression.

And I still lost those +100m of bonds. If I was a venezuelan gp miner, I would starve because of this. Jagex is taking advantage of people with gambling problems and also of sexual minorities who use rainbow as their flag.

Such shamefull display.

25-Apr-2018 10:53:29

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Easty said:
I would love to see this promotion in the game again in the near future.

You just missed it. Rainbow's End came up twice in a span of like a week just a few days ago.

Personally, I like Double Dragon Chest and Loot Duel more than Rainbow's End. :)

17-Dec-2018 16:11:59

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