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Gods Slayer said:
Oh god, I wanted revenant ghost weave so bad.

The last minute I sold my infinity set to purchase a bond. I bought it at 23:59. By the time I was burning the keys I had realized I missed my chance..

Arg! Can you pretty please extend this promo. Or at least make it tradable for a short amount of time? I don't want any other costume, and I just read in the interface unused weave will dissapear.

I am between a rock and a hard place.

Please? *Cries on the inside. Feeling dead already*

Don't leave doing until the last minute and you won't screw up like this. Deadlines are set for a reason, and if they weren't followed, what would be the point of setting a deadline?
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31-Oct-2017 05:11:39

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@ Gods Slayer

Trust me, don't bother spending your GP on bonds in hopes of winning enough Ghostweave to make an outfit. I purchased 450 keys and the Ghostweave I obtained was horrible considering the amount of keys I used. I was fortunate to make 9 outfits.

Hopefully the next time around we can earn them without the use of keys.
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31-Oct-2017 16:46:37

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Ghostweave chances seemed rather stingy.

"Not that it wouldn't be cool to see the probability of getting the rare chests, but releasing that information might discourage people from buying keys if they feel it would be too unlikely that they win."

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31-Oct-2017 16:52:34

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Flare-f0x said:
Tellus Gaia said:

This ironically comes from someone well known for rigging raffles and treasure map for sea horse tokens, which he knew can crash on ge along with other map tokens thanks to his 2600 alts.

And thanks to said alt army owner who apparently fear the devaluing of cosmetics (which I don't agree with as they aren't tradable), a JMod stated somewhere on this thread that his actions are why the cosmetics are untradable.

I personally don't care to see cosmetics take over TH because I like xp more - that's really just my theory for why they might be doing the promotion like this. I'm not saying I don't want them to be devalued (I'd love it if the currency were tradeable which would lead to devalue), I'm just relaying why I think they took this route.

This is why we have to be careful about making sure

1) All items obtainable by games of chance that are riggable by multiple accounts should be strictly monitored

2) Action should be taken to permanently ban players who attempt to bypass this.

If they are non tradeable it helps avoid the rigging problem. The only issues arise when the number of items are limited (I.E. the Raffle) as trolls can deliberately game the system to dilute the reward pool.
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30-May-2019 07:24:47

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