Remove skilling supplies

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Remove skilling supplies like rune bars unfinished potions and incand energies from th.

Reason: Having them on th devalues skilling profits. Removing these supplies will help the economy.

30-Dec-2018 17:21:55

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Merely existing, Treasure Hunter is already devaluing skilling profits; usage of exp lamps and stars reduces the demand of skilling resources, which in turn devalues them.

So yeah, Treasure Hunter shouldn't spawn more skilling resources, but neither should it exist in the first place, so why not remove it completely and fix the problem completely? > )
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30-Dec-2018 17:32:35

Never RIP

Never RIP

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I don't care for skillet accounts anyway.

But, actually, if keys were bought via bonds, 20m for 15 keys, That's like 1m+ GP for 10 rune bars!

So, yeah, rune bars are the duped prize. Skillets cry about duped prizes robbing them cos they like playing the victim - that's why they're a level 3. They play the victim card so well that there's no more pvp.
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

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