"Lucky" purple fixed?

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So I just got to the "lucky" purple booster and having thrown 40 keys away in hopes of the 200m showing up in the pool all I've seen are cosmetics and proteans. However when I was building up to it I saw the 200m appear more than 20 times. Normally I wouldn't bat an eye at most promos, but you can surely understand the allure of a guaranteed purple.

Does having the booster available reduce the odds of the 200m appearing? Because if so that's pretty disheartening. I certainly won't be purchasing keys again if that is the case. 200+ keys down the drain and for what? Cogs or feathers? I suppose the skilling outfit pieces add some value to those 200, but you know they're not the reason anyone would buy keys.

Edit: Scratch that, I got it to show up only to have the entire pool be replaced by trash like lucky dragon equipment, god armour and an abyssal whip. Well I suppose that's what I get for buying keys. For shame me and the TH team, for shame...

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If you used frozen hearts to block the prizes you did not want, instead of forcing it to give you a prize you wanted it would reroll and probably give you a white level prize, many players have found this out the hard way. Hi.

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Ive used well over 5000 keys and have not received the 200m once...

So your odds are terrible

Tons of purples, just no 200m

Better off to buy bonds

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I don't know about this event, but I know that the 200M purple is indeed possible. I won it before a long while back after burning through a few hundred keys. Dumb luck IMO.

If they actually did make it harder for this event, then that really is misleading while also understandable.
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Many people think gems of the same colour mean they have the same chance.
Unfortunately Jagex seems happy to allow people to think this.

Gem colour covers a range.
I believe, depending on promos, some even overlap, but only jagex could confirm or deny that.

So lets take purple gems.
Exact odds don't matter for the purpose of this example.
Purple gem items might cover all items with less than a 1 in 1000 chance of hitting them.
(don't forget, if you hit a purple gem once in every 200 keys or 400 keys or whatever on average, the chance of each individual item will be far less than 1 in 1000.)

So while some purple gem items might have a 0.02% chance of hitting (or 1 in 5000), the 200M might have a 0.0001% chance of hitting (or literally, a 1 in a million shot).

The point is not all purple gems are equal, & I feel bad for people that believed this was some opportunity to significantly increase their chances of getting 200M.
& that's not all Jagex's fault, I can't even fathom the mentality of someone who is essentially complaining they couldn't take advantage of a promotion to get 200M.
Obviously Jagex isn't handing that out a lot.

So if you just look at my numbers above, (which may or may not be accurate, it's just a representation), then even if you are GUARANTEED a purple gem on the next key, you still only have somewhere between a 1 in 200 & a 1 in 1000 chance of hitting the 200M.

As others have stated, if you're after money, the obvious thing is to buy bonds, not keys.
The people buying keys are the people who want those items that you call purple junk, as that is the ONLY way to get them.

You have about a million other ways to get gp, & buying keys is the worst option of the lot.


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