peanut labs not giving keys

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Check out the Earning Rewards article in the Support Centre for instructions on how to resolve the issue with SuperRewards, or Peanut Labs, which ever was the offering partner that you used.

If you have done this and still have not resolved the issue, then you may follow the instructions in the Contacting the 3rd party has not resolved my earned rewards issue page to contact the Payment Support Team.

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14-Aug-2017 23:20:10

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Niji said:
please email me they owe me keys, they have my personal information, this is a scam as far as i'm concerned.

SuperRewards and Peanut Labs are typically very prompt in responding to any reward disputes.

I had problems with resolving an issue with Peanut Labs and Jagex Payment Support Team was extremely accommodating. Of course, you're going to need to provide sufficient evidence to show you completed the offer but as long as you did complete the offer, you're pretty much guaranteed your reward, whether it comes from the third party or Jagex.

Be sure to follow Tren's advice. :)
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