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I am wondering how I can convert bonus xp into normal xp. It seems I have collected a lot of bonus xp, 50,000 bonus xp and it does not seem to be added into my normal xp count. I am wondering if I need to "cash it in" to get it added to my normal xp count. If anyone can help me with this matter that would be great. Thank you.

17-Aug-2017 04:45:30

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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You just have to train your skill to use up your bonus experience, it doubles the exp you gain.

So if your bonus experience is on smithing, when you make an item that normally gives 50 exp, you will use up 50 bonus experience to gain 100 exp per item.
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17-Aug-2017 06:19:29



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Some Xp lamps like the Smouldering and Hydra lamps immediately convert some of your bonus XP into direct xp when you use them on a skill that you have bonus xp in. "Don't ever share your ******** with your friends"
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23-Aug-2017 22:44:28

Wc  Skill
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Wc  Skill

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Drawing a blank, but once or twice a year, you can also spend bonus xp on lamps through some npc..he is the same guy that lets you trade for certain treasure hunter items.

It's not really the method you were looking for, but I figured I'd mention it anyway :p

26-Aug-2017 18:44:45

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