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Revenant Imp

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Hopefully if more people start using Treasure Hunter and buying Bonds/Solomons outfits and Mobile is a big success to bring in more players Jagex will be profiting so much to bring us amazing updates.

Also, if people start mainly using bonds to pay for membership, and the numbers of people actually paying for membership reduces significantly, Jagex could even make the whole game free, which would increase the player base and mean more people would buy into the game.

As for TH Specifically, make sure any limited time promotions have reasonable ways of obtaining keys in-game and that special cosmetics make continued returns to the system. That way, people who pay for TH will get cosmetics first, but if you grind the game and work hard you can earn those same cosmetics in the next promotion.

The way you need to balance TH in my opinion is that those who pay get the content first, but if you work hard in-game whatever nice stuff is on TH you can win later on, in a week or so. Never make anything feel unobtainable if it is for a limited time. That is probably what frustrates people the most. Also, make more ways in-game to earn keys and maybe even in-game ways to earn bonds, to help lower the price of bonds because they are way too pricey right now.

As for VIP Membership, those good auras should only remain "exclusive" for that year in my opinion. Some of us have paid for membership since the very beginning and we never get those nice auras. I'm not saying remove VIP Membership, because you need it to help make money, but if you made some really helpful auras the people who pay can have those for the year and then once the year finishes you could let those auras be obtainable to everyone else through Treasure Hunter as a rare prize, just so that people who play a lot can obtain those unique and powerful auras with the keys they earn in-game.
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