how do we report people muling

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camx3xron said:
Uhhh, what's muleing, or "muling" ? Is it where you sell an item to a person instead of the grand exchange?

A mule is a secondary account that holds items for a main account, back in the day it was used on runescape classic for like trading lobsters at karamja to your 2nd account or "mule" and banking while your main account continued to fish.

18-Aug-2018 20:22:54

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Deadman Conduct & Rules

If you suspect that another player is breaking the rules of Deadman Mode, you can send evidence to Be sure to put DMM in the subject and provide as much evidence as possible.

All existing RuneScape rules must be abided by during the Deadman Season and Finals.

All existing Deadman Tournament Terms must be abided by during the Deadman Season and Finals.

Anyone who has been caught cheating in any Jagex event may be suspended from all future Jagex events (Permanent Disqualification). Jagex staff will review cases and players.

Players found to be abusing game mechanics to gain an advantage in a way considered by the Jagex Staff to be unsporting will be removed from the Season and Finals immediately.

Boxing, which can be defined as: Using combat with an allied player to avoid combat with other players within the Deadman Seasons/Finals. This is considered to be using a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage. Boxing offenses will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Muling, which can be defined as: using a separate account to store wealth. This includes clan banks. Alternate accounts are permitted provided they are used competitively. Players found to be muling will be banned (including clan banks, and those who use them).

Players must qualify their account themselves if they wish to participate in the Deadman Finals. Players found to be account sharing during Deadman Finals will be immediately disqualified.

so clearly you see there rules say "players found to be muling will be banned"

08-Oct-2018 01:38:54



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Muling being against the rules is an absolute joke.

I think Muling ruins DMM. It literally defeats the point of DMM and it is a way older players take advantage of newer players (players with billions have it protected in an account that never leaves the ge). I don't mule and it makes gameplay almost impossible for me.

That being said Jagex states muling is against the rules but there are literally 20 mules logged in at any given time at the ge, many of whom have names including mule, armory or bank in the name. Jagex doesn't try to enforce this rule. They say they have ways of detecting mules but they don't have the time or care to spend on this issue.

29-Oct-2018 02:44:08

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