Deadman Price Pool Changes

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Dear Jagex

Since the start of the brackets in deadman mode invitational, it became way more enjoyable for every kind of skill. Deadman mode started to be a more skill-based tournament. Solo players stand a chance now. Yet there is one thing that most of the players still complain about: the price pool. You give away over 30.000 dollars to the community, which is an insane amount, but it's so unfortune that only the top 4 players get awarded with money. In my opinion everyone who makes it to the brackets should be awarded with some money of the prize pool. This is a suggestion:

128-64: 25$
64-32: 50$
32-16: 100$
16-8: 200$
8-4: 500$
4-2: 1000$
2nd: 2500$
1st: 5000$

Total amount of money: 17.900$

Please think about this. I think the community would like this change.
Right now, only the best 5% players of this game and the players who dont have school/work make a chance at making it to the prize pool.
Think about the community, or please just take it into serious consideration.

Thank you so much if you guys think about this

Kind regards

Dumbeldorn aka Charles Pike

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