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We’re doing something a little bit special this December at the World Famous Abbey Road Studios. You could be there to enjoy every second of it - all expenses paid.

RuneScape holds the Guinness World Record for the highest volume of original music tracks (1,202 at the time of writing).

We want you to tell us your favourite and why. Does it evoke a special memory? Does it remind you of an in-game milestone, or is it just a brilliant piece of music? Let us know below to enter!

Find out more about the competition here. Good luck!
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I literally got all excited but then realised it's not the set of Downton Abbey :(

But my favourite song(s) of all time are probably "The Chosen Commander" and "Temple Desecrated" as both of them I use to play all the time when I was doing combat, still do occasionally aha. :)

TD though, that song, was pretty much the one where "oh no, this is going to be one big boss battle" and it was at the time. Them Tormented Demons was a struggle at my lvl at the time.
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My Favorite Main Theme (Em fuga).

I liked the time in 07-11 when you had that sense of that you had no idea what you was doing just frolicking around the map.
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16-Nov-2017 15:19:09

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My favorite is Elven Sunrise. I still remember it playing when I finised Plague's End back in 2014 and the cutscene started when I entered Prifddinas. I could feel my heart pump and my eyes got wet of the tears that almost bursted out. I had finally done it after all the quests and skilling grind.

I really love the elven songs. They are really beutiful and well made. Much kudos to whoever compossed it.
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16-Nov-2017 15:47:15

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I can't even recall when I first heard the song I am about to put in. It is at least ten years ago. I would just stand around the Waterfall for hours to listen to it. It completely defined the wonder that I always felt in Runescape when discovering something new.

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There are so many that I Love, but my standouts are Book of A Thousand Songs, Goshima's Lament, Tale of Waiko, Wending through the Willows. I even sing along with them and harmonize to them. Love Runescape Music.;)

16-Nov-2017 15:55:48

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