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Have you bought your RuneFest ticket yet? If yes - wahoo! We'll be seeing you on October 4th to celebrate another great year for the RuneScape community. If not - maybe this peek at all the cool panels, announcement, and downright shenanigans you'll be missing will change your mind... it's the RuneFest 2019 Schedule!

All the events announced here will come on top of the amazing things you'll get to live at RuneFest 2019. Enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your friends and favourite JMods in immersive environments, that's also what RuneFest is all about! So if you haven't got them already, don't wait and get your tickets! (pssst, if that doesn't do the trick, don't forget that all attendees will also receive unique RuneScape items).

Friday Night: The Golden Gnome Awards

On Friday, October 4th, the hallowed halls of Farnborough International Exhibition Centre will open their doors to JMods, Content Creators, and of course... players! The Golden Gnome Awards are the biggest event in the RuneScape community calendar, where we celebrate our beloved artists, streamers, and video makers. Doors will open at 18:00 BST, and the awards ceremony itself will kick off at 20:30 BST. Watching on Twitch? Tune in from 20:15 BST to catch all the action.

Main Stage

The RuneFest main stage is where all the magic happens! Drop in throughout the day to find the cosplay competition, the RuneScape keynote, and the Great Gielinorian Cook-off. Watchers at home can watch all the main stage panels on the official Twitch stream. The full main stage schedule is below:

10:30 - 11:00Time to Set Sail!Join us as we set sail to shores old and new, and take an in-depth look at Fossil Island and the Land Out of Time.
11:00 - 11:45The Great Gielinorian Cook-off Watch our star bakers compete to produce a three-course RuneScape meal from scratch in 45 minutes. Doable? Not really. Entertaining? Definitely.
12:00 - 12:45The Cosplay Show & Cosplay Golden Gnome Awards After the cosplay parade at 11:30, join us live as the best cosplayers in the RuneScape and Old School Communities compete for their chance to take home a Golden Gnome Award.
Log into your RuneFest App to cast your vote in the 'Best Cosplay' category!
13:00 - 13:45OS & RS Data StreamEverybody loves a bit of data, and we're no exception! Head to the Main Stage where we'll share some of our favourite stats from nearly 25 combined years of RuneScape and Old School.
14:00 - 14:45Old School Creators Q&AJoin some Old School RuneScape content creators on-stage as they answer all your burning questions, from life as a content creator to their favourite pizza topping.
15:00 - 15:45MythbustersMod Osborne and Mod John C are here to reveal the truth behind some of the biggest (and funniest) misconceptions from the community.

Got a myth you'd like us to bust? Post it in the official forum thread!
16:00 - 16:45Ron Plays GamesEveryone's favourite gameshow host and sheep enthusiast takes to the stage to bring you an hour of unadulterated, (possibly) family-friendly quiz show fun.
17:00 - 17:45RuneScape KeynoteThe big one. Join us to find out what you can expect from the next 12 months in RuneScape!
18:15 - 19:00Old School RuneScape KeynoteThe other big one. Join us to find out all the biggest updates coming to Old School next year!

After the main stage sessions have finished, entertainment will be available throughout the evening. Party hats at the ready, everyone!

Panel Stage

The Panel Stage is where you'll find JMods and Content Creators alike hosting talks on all kinds of topics: from the annual Lore Q&A with Mod Raven to the truth about life as a streamer. All the talks from the Panel Stage will be streamed live on Twitch. The full schedule is available below:

12:00 - 12:45Another Slice of W.I.K.IEver wondered how our fantastic wiki editors corral info from across our games and collate it into one, awesome resource? Wonder no more!

We'll discuss new and hidden features, how to harness the wiki's trove of data for your creative use, and briefly talk about why editing the wiki is so valuable.
13:00 - 13:45Bringing a Creature to Life!Join our art team as they take you on an adventure to find out how they breathe life into the creatures and peoples of Gielinor.
14:00 - 14:45The Making of Old School RuneScape MobileHow do you port a 17 year old game to a whole new platform? Join us on a retrospective tour of Old School Mobile, as we reminisce about the successes, thrills, and spills along the way.
15:00 - 15:45So, you want to be a streamer?Join some of our up-and-coming content creators as they answer all your burning questions about the subtle art of streaming.
16:00 - 16:45Lore Q&AIt's back, and this year, it's lore-ier than ever! Join Mod Raven and co for an intensive session covering everything you could possibly want to know about the Lore of RuneScape.

It's gonna be - wait for it - loresome.
17:00 - 17:45A Day in the life of a JMod What's it really like to work for Jagex? In this panel, you'll have the opportunity to ask JMods from all across the company about their roles.
18:00 - 18:45RS Reveal Q&AThe RuneScape Keynote will be full of surprises - like the ████ █████ and that amazing ███████! This panel is your chance to get your immediate questions answered.
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Interesting that y'all plan to do a 12 month plan again for the Big Reveals.
Years past, you were all over the place. (Granted, a chunk of it did eventually come out years later like the ambassador and underwater areaa)
Last year, y'all played it safe with stuff you knew was going to come.
2018 Halloween event, new quest (violet is blue), mining and smithing rework that obviously no heard about, and the eventual ED3. But again, this was stuff that was getting ready for laumch or deep into dev.

Advantage was you didn't overcommit or throw out random stuff.
Con was we already knew some of it was coming and set low expectations and little to no ideas about what were to come aft*t it (ie bank improvements were still an unknown, combat diversity was just a concept on paper)

03-Sep-2019 18:24:42

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I'm excited to hear about the new things that are coming.

I don't expect every new thing added to the game to be relevant to me, any more than every thing in the game is, but I expect some items to be of interest or benefit, and that will be enough.

While I thank you for your hard work, though, I have been emphasizing that what RuneScape needs is some way to add more to the game with less work on your part, because in some ways the game could benefit from... an amount of additional content that would be totally unreasonable to attempt to add by existing methods.

In general, of course, it's never a good idea to skimp on quality for the sake of quantity.

There are elements in the game that use procedurally-generated content. Dungeoneering, Uncharted Isles in the Arc, Nemi Forest, Shifting Tombs, Shattered Worlds. All of these provide small areas for activity which are entered once and then disappear.

There's another thing that procedural generation can do for you: produce worlds that are many times larger than could be designed by hand. Using a fixed pseudorandom sequence, the same giant world could be a permanent part of the game, available to every player. Something to keep players busy while they're waiting for the next normal update.

03-Sep-2019 20:28:27

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@Mod Meadows in your faq you stated under whats not allowed

"Personal food and drink (without prior agreement from event security, usually permitted for people with severe allergies etc)"

How do i obtain this prior agreement from event security as being diabetic i need to take a few energy bars and sugary type drinks.

12-Sep-2019 11:40:09

Cally Raven
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Cally Raven

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Dented said:
@Mod Meadows in your faq you stated under whats not allowed

"Personal food and drink (without prior agreement from event security, usually permitted for people with severe allergies etc)"

How do i obtain this prior agreement from event security as being diabetic i need to take a few energy bars and sugary type drinks.

I would use the support email address given in this thread: Quick find code: 444-445-10-66103178
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Currently, in the UK, they're on Daylight Savings Time, or, as they call it there, Summer Time.

Thus, the times given in the RuneFest schedule in BST or UK time are one hour later than the times of the events in game time.

While this makes sense for people in the UK at RuneFest, people watching the video streams could easily be confused by this, as they experience game time from the game, but really do not encounter the local time of the United Kingdom.

So if you were planning to tune in to the big RuneScape 3 reveals at 17:00 game time, they're actually at 16:00 game time! You'll need to tune in an hour earlier.

05-Oct-2019 13:17:09

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Br0k3n Guns said:
hello when will the date of 2020 runefest be posted i live in the U.S. and need to save a bit of money so i am able to go next year.

Hi - love your enthusiasm but that would not be for some time yet; we have our player and staff feedback to gather in and analyse first, before we can even long at dates for the next one! :)
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14-Oct-2019 10:36:06

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