Clan cup not a clan event

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As others have noted in threads - a clan event should involve all clannies, not just be about a few that can excel in something in a few clans. Guessing our clan won't be participating, have a couple that could excel at this, but what's the point if we can't do stuff together? Isn't this more of a player thing, not a clan thing?

20-Aug-2019 21:34:44

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What's the difference between this style of competition and the Skilling competition of day's past? Absolutely none as far as I'm concerned. At least nowadays everyone in the clan can enter the competition and only top 10 records are kept. Before - you had to enter your 10 players and only those players could compete.

Realistically, this is how skilling competitions have always been held. If you have a better idea on how to conduct them, then please post the new idea to be considered for future, but your post isn't very constructive as is.

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21-Aug-2019 03:50:18

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