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DarkáAvatar9 said:
The spirit was killed as soon as it was decided to exclude the pvp competitions, to exclude the F2Pers, to make it locked to a very specific content within a very specific level of skills and exclude the rest. This is by no means a community event for fun. It is an elitist competition with rewards for a select few surrounding Mod Shauny.

PvP competitions weren't excluded, but Shauny made the decision not to have all Clan Cups run at the same time but spread them out instead. Who knows if/when the next PvP cup will be, but as most pvp clans have closed or migrated to OSRS I'd say there're bigger issues with PvP that would have to be solved prior to hosting a PvP cup.
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03-Sep-2019 11:18:27

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I Love that the people who are crying about the points being taken away are all from the clan who tried to cheat aka SUMMIT lol. You complain but 8/10 of your entries were bs ;) Nou

04-Sep-2019 23:09:59

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ModáShauny said:
DukeáOdin said:
With the way clans get opted into the clan cup, more than 4/5th of the clans and sessions that you are counting might not even know that you have included them in the clan cup. Hell they might not even know there is such thing as a clan cup.

Many of those sessions that you counted are most likely from people that only want to try out the XP rates or see what the clan cup is, and then abandoned it. Many of those clans are most likely "5 man or less clans" meaning they don't even qualify to compete.

So the numbers you are giving out, Mod Shauny, seem bloated to me.

Can you give us the number of clans which have more than 2 and more than 3 unique entrants having more than 10 clan members, so we can understand how many clans actually intended to compete?

Sure :)

For what it's worth over 1,000 sessions had been submitted with 10+ points.

I'll try and do a stat summary of the Clan Cup once its all finished! :)

Almost 1 month later, where are the stats that I asked for Mod Shauny?
Too bloated for you to disclose?
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19-Sep-2019 15:51:33

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22-Sep-2019 21:51:31

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