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We traveled thru the treacherous swamps of Morytania and snuck across the River Salve to deal with the crushing heat of the Al Kharid Desert.

Before us was a bridge.
As my party neared the bridge, a djinn appeared.
"Greetings mortals. I am the keeper of the bridge."
My squire looked at me, then the djinn. "And what is thy name?"
The djinn leaned in close. "I go by many names. But mostly, Tim."
"Tim the Djinn?"
The djinn nodded.
"So Tim, can we use the bridge."
The djinn nodded. "Of course, of course."
We started to cross before the djinn stuck out his hand. "AFTER you successfully answer my 3 riddles. If you fail, you go into the Chasm of Despair."
My party nodded in agreement. For all we've seen and done, a few questions wouldn't harm us.
Tim, "First question. What ... is your quest?"
Myself. "Easy. To find the [thing]."
Tim. "Correct. Second. What ... is your favorite color?"
Myself, I grinned. "Blue."
Tim grinned as well. "Final question. What .... "
I smiled back, I felt like I already knew the answer.
Tim "is the land speed velocity of 2 kebbits dragging a coconut?"
My party looked bewildered as this was a somewhat strange question. We bickered among ourselves while Tim motioned that time was seeming to run out.
My squire then piped up "Is it a spotted kebbit or a dashing kebbit?"
Tim looked even more confused then we were. "Well .. I don't know ... wait!"
The djinn let out a blood curdling scream as it was tossed into the Chasm of Despair.
We all shrugged our shoulders and I motioned my party to continue on over the surprisingly well made rope bridge.

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