Truth of the Wilderness

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It was a failure in every way.
Nothing alive. Nothing to do.

I walked around and found a few poor souls.
I tried to greet them, but there was no response.
But when I looked into their eyes, it was like there was nothing there. No life. They were nothing but zombies and slaves. Cursed to do the same things over and over.

Then, you had the more vile creatures of all. More dangerous and relentless than any creature out there.
"Adventurers". Pfft. Hardly.
Murderous. Uncaring. They struck without warning, even when you clearly had nothing of value.
In some cases, they ran the slave rings harvesting the resources. "Protecting" their investment whenever another came by to try to disrupt their activities on multiple worlds.

The truth is that the Wilderness is a lie.
Don't go out there.
It is dead.
If you go out there, you will be just as dead too.

02-Jun-2019 21:20:18

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