Kiss, Hug, Marry, or Avoid V15

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Welcome to the Kiss, Hug, Marry, or Avoid V15!

History of previous thread makers of this forum game:
Kiss, Hug, Marry, or Avoid!

V1 - A Forum Name
V2 - Ultra Yoko
V3 - Microcosms
V4 - Glitched
V5 - MagoDBattala
V6 - Ultra Yoko
V7 - m68flyby
V8 - My Odyssey
V9 - Ruby Inferno
V10 - Ownage
V11 - Ownage
V12 - 1XA
V13 - Ruby Inferno
V14 - Ruby Inferno
V15 - 333333333

This is just a game! No real life stuffs like dating here!
Simply Kiss, Hug, Marry, or Avoid the player above you for fun!


Since nobody or the older hoster has not or has not yet created a new version of this game, I will do that! If okay!

Feel free to continue to play on this thread or older hoster may recreate this thread and I will close this!
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