Wilderness Autopsy VI

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I'm not really a supporter.

I do agree that the Wilderness can use a lot of TLC, and the ideas aren't bad.

I just hate PvP. But that alone isn't justification enough to go against your ideas.
PvP is also very limited in RS3. You've heard the dozen or so old refrains about it.

I'd rather just see PvP removed from the Wildy, opening up the area for broader use again.

1) Yes, remove Cursed Energy from P2P.
Loss of a money maker and thus punishing F2P, but it also puts a small hit on bots. Plus Cursed Energy really isn't all that useful other than as a money maker for F2P anyways.
With or without PvP, this simply needs to be done.
That or make Cursed Energy untradeable.

2) Expect content to get nerfed.
Warbands would be the biggest victim.
Bounty Slayer too.

3) Introduction of a replacement danger mechanic.
Reventants aren't the threat they once were.
You could force players to need to be skulled at all times, otherwise you get the issue like in the Wildy Bandit Camp or have the combat mobs just hit a lot harder.

16-Aug-2019 04:08:45

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