Update: Furnace (Metal Bank)

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Ruby Ezra
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Ruby Ezra

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As Player I find it annoying I can not just only withdraw Bars of for example just Elder Rune.. But I can withdraw all ore of Banite..

So the Suggestion is Making the Deposit and Withdrawl of individual Type of Bars equal to as Ores.

Also lets say we want to withdraw everything but deposit like 2-3 Ores/Bars back in the Metal Bank

So the Suggestion is Ability to individual deposit Type of Ores or Bars into the Metal Bank instead putting everything back in it..

Any type of Feedback is Welcome!

~Lady Busty Erza~

In addition, how about being able to access the metal bank from the main bank? Kind of sucks when doing a quest to have to go to a smithing/smelting location to withdraw what you need. - Credit to Bud 5 from the original thread.

QFC to Original Thread in Wrong the Place as Metal Bank is Existing content:

12-Aug-2019 11:01:56

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You can withdraw/deposit specific bars in exact quantities if you click on an anvil or a forge.

I agree though, adding the same withdraw/deposit options to the furnace, and the main bank would be a nice QOL update.

12-Sep-2019 01:52:01

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