Q: reset. skillcape untrimmed?

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Sir Wall Ace
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Sir Wall Ace

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A weird question: Let's say that I have two level 99 stats. One is defence, one is... strength.
They are trimmed skillcapes obviously.

If I choose to reset my defence stat, will my strength skillcape then become untrimmed?

16-Jan-2019 04:34:46

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To be honest, your question is quite difficult to answer, as I doubt many, if any, players have done this before. You could be the first player to try and add the information to the wiki. My discord RS3 Non-Toxic Helpful Community is currently looking for members and helpers! This discord is dedicated to helping players in Runescape 3, whether you are new or old. Feel free to join if you need help, or if you want to help. Replies are usually quick.

18-Jan-2019 03:21:36

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