Spotting deflated item scams

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Deflated item scams are a relatively old scam that have gained a recent resurgence. This short little guide will hopefully help you with some mock trade examples i and some friends have put together with very real deflated items, as well as how to spot them, and relevant quick find codes so you can avoid being scammed!

*disclaimer!* This guide is for educational purposes only, items and images used in this post are deflated items or past deflated items, buy and sell at your own risk and don't say we didnt warn you!


post 1;
post 2;
History and related scams
post 3;
spotting potential deflated item scams
post 4&5 ;
example mock ups

Big thanks to Moardex for helping out with the trade windows! and enjoy.

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Post 1
definitions; The deflated item scam by definition is a scam involving an item with a high ge value but a low street (sometimes called market) price. These items generally speaking, are easy to acquire, heavily flooded, or rarely traded on the grand exchange but heavily traded or formerly heavily traded off of the grand exchange

many of these items are former items traded on Rare Items, and other similar forum threads. current examples include;
3rd age druidic
3rd age range coifs and vambraces
Hailfire boots
too many tokens to name (most of them override like crypt gear)
Former meta weapons (like Wyvern crossbows and statius hammer)
and so on and so forth, all of these items have a high looking ge value but such as the case of hailfire boots only sell for around 17m.
if you are ever curious what an item is being traded for, a good place to look is at the following;
*note new threads are made occasionally, but are usually linked to in the former thread*

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high level weapons V27; 17-18-554-66087604

Discontinued items V54; 17-18-478-66077215

high level gear status V3; 17-18-315-65599451

Nex Status V17; 17-18-322-65901606

SOF/TH item status V10; 17-18-330-66058430

Second/Third Age item status V18; 17-18-163-66034907

*reminder all these threads may move, if you cant find the most up to date one, check the last page they tend to link to the new thread*

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Post 2
History and related scams; This scam is as prefaced in the opening a very old scam, but has remained fairly the same through the many iterations of the scam. The very first iterations of this scam can be traced back to the original GE being released in 2007, but was far less common than it has become today. The Scam shares both origin and tactics with the "Rare Item scam" where a victim would be convinced of a "rarity" of a specific item, historically this has included things like Burnt Lobster, items very common but new players may not be aware of.
The deflated item scam takes the root if this progenitor scam, using a worthless, common, or relatively obscure item with a high ge price tag to convince the victim into believing it of value. One of the earliest forms of the deflated item scam was broken barrows equipment which had a higher ge value due to being rarely traded on the ge, however, this fell out of popularity due to other scams such as F/B and similar trust trades.

This scam became mainstream again around 2ish months after Telos the Warden released ironically, via use of Broken GWD2 equipment and Dormant telos weapons. these items whom could be obtained for dirt cheap or bought for barely 500k at most and broken by dropping them after wielding sold for tens of millions of coins due to an out of date GE price, later jagex would make broken gwd2 gear untradeable and fix the ge guide price on dormant gear, though it is still to this day used as a scam.

In its current state, the scam still uses the same principles but has grown to incorporate the items i listed in post 1 as well as +4 elder rune and other -1 max upgrade smithing gear, and seasonal promotion tokens such as shadow gem capes. which neatly brings us to 3;

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Post 3
Spotting a deflated item scam

Photo examples will be provided to illustrate in 4/5 however, spotting a scam is easy, Look for a "Sale."
Generally these scammers perfer to bait their trap as a "bank sale" offering a multitude of items as well as the scam item to inflate the price of the total trade value, giving it the appearance of being valuable, often these scammers insist all or nothing, or will offer cash along side a deflated item to give the appearance of a fair trade.

Generally these scammers will not pressure you too hard into accepting the trade, as they are trying to maintain a low profile, they may not even acknowledge you telling them it's a scam item or that they're scamming until you warn someone else. At which time the player's reaction does depend on the person but in my personal experience they either move away to avoid you warning marks, or try to accuse you of scamming/price manipulation to rip them off.

So what can you do?

well, honestly, it's such a gray area scam it takes a very long time for jagex to punish these individuals, and sadly because of this inability to act immediately or faster like with doublers, all you can do is report the scammer, and warn people who trade them (if you're bank standing) what they're up to to try and mitigate the loss, if a pmod is near by they may be able to assist further by asking them politely to stop, but even this may not yield any results. That being said, people are banned for this scam, so just keep in mind even if you didn't get scammed that every report sent is one step closer to removing this bad actor from the game.

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Post 5
further examples (H will denote historical)
Dormant Staff of Sliske
Hailfire boots
Orokami masks (H)
Colored and uncolored rune pouches (H)
Grace of the Elves
Broken Barrows gear (H)
Tresure hunter tokens (H and current)
Elder rune +5 (H)
M/S rework sets (ori bane ER etc) -1 from max
Non-3a Treasure trail items
3a Druidic
Broken GWD2 weapons (H)
Fish Masks (H)
and this list could honestly continue for a few hundred items without abbreviations, is there a current scam item you can think of you think should be priority for everyone to know? Post it down below but please remember the following;

1. No user names, Forum rules and reddit rules for runescape prohibit witch hunting users (Even if they're massive jerks who just scammed Zezima before your very eyes and deserve it)

2. please provide screenshots of the items if you buy them off the ge and post them in their appropriate threads, it helps everyone keep track of the prices (a guide to doing so can be found here QF code; 278-279-649-65838349)

3. This is not a trade thread, but still, no price manipulation please, this thread is for cautionary and educational purposes,

4. items i listed may have been adjusted by jagex shortly after posting as such, do not take my list as gospel please, refer to the respective trade threads for the most accurate and up to date info, same goes for anyone that posts examples below.

I hope my little thread was helpful to those looking to navigate world 2's almost incomprehensible trade culture, and once again, thank you to Moardex for letting me bore them for 20 minuets while i fussed taking screenshots and cropping them.

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UrekMazino said:
I wonder why is it called deflated when the GE guide price of the item is overinflated.

*Shrug* i guess because the real value is deflated from the ge listing or its former price but, i honestly couldn't say for certain what the thought process was when it was coined, that being said i'd personally call it a crashed item scam had i been the one to coin it myself.

So that aside, what do you think? did i miss anything important? wouldn't be bothered too much to rewrite or add posts if you think i missed anything key about spotting the scam and dealing with it.

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