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2nd Age

2nd Age

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I think it's a no-brainer to add a clue-scroll pet to them. We've actually made a few concepts ourselves in our clue-scroll dedicated Discord server. Also emote clue Hidey-holes would be lovely.

Im sure many of our members have some really good feedback, as there are about 130 of them now. If you'd like to talk to them directly, feel free to join our fc "Clue Chasers" or our discord server at

EDIT: Thanks for your reply Mod Matthe, I'll try to get all of them in here for some feedback. Also, for the pet, i was thinking maybe a small third-age dragon, or a Uri bobblehead (please name him George Clueney). And a Crystal dye would be really awesome.

EDIT2: Here is a link to a reddit post that some of our discord members made for several clue pet concepts:
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