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I'd like to see;
A clue pet, with a threshold. (not restricted to T5 so our current clue counts aren't useless ).
T5 clues coming only from high level bosses/skilling activities and elite clue scrolls (not freebies from trisks etc.).
A new dye or two, one could be more common than barrows.
A clue storage box to hold required items.
An untradeable dye, rare but with a threshold. These would be quite nice for those of us who enjoy clues on a larger scale.
More puzzles and map locations, ideally for Menaphos, Priffadinas and any other major places.
Allow T5 clues to give the rare items from T1-T4 clues, such as suitcases, ranger boots, 3a and gilded.

Please add barrows + shadow dyes to the world broadcast, as well as any new rares.

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