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Mod Rowley

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Improving Treasure Trails

Hey, all!

Following on from our thread asking about what issues you have with Treasure Trails, we’d also love to hear your ideas for any new rewards you would like to see coming from clues.

We’ve already brainstormed and are prototyping a few new ideas, but we don’t want to influence you by saying what those are just yet. We want to hear what rewards you would like to see, but also which ideas from other players you most like the sound of.

These can simply be new tradeable rare rewards or they could also be ideas for rewards you can unlock over the course of completing trails – e.g. an untradeable Treasure Trail outfit that confers certain clue-hunting benefits.

Feel free to also tell us your preferences for how certain rewards might unlock. For example, if there were to be a Treasure Trail outfit, would you get a piece of it every x completed trails, as an uncommon reward from each clue scroll difficulty tier, or by some other means?

We're looking forward to seeing what crazy and cool ideas for rewards you can come up with!

The Titans

19-Jul-2017 12:30:43

Mod Rowley

Mod Rowley

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I've made a note of everything up to this point - thanks for all your suggestions.

It seems like a safe bet that we will do 'something' to alleviate or remove the pain of emote clue scrolls, but also not remove their flavour. We don't know the exact solution we'll opt for (be it hidey holes, treasure trails outfit, magic wardrobe, a 'glamour' sigil (tricks Uri into seeing what he expects to see) or simply removing the need for items altogether - they are "emote" clues after all, and could just require performing emotes). Feel free to discuss... ;)

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