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My thoughts after about 45 min of testing.

Mining - loved the feel of it and didn't really have any complaints. It felt pretty smooth and the ore rate even at high levels didn't seem very bad.

Smithing - I don't like having the extra interface when you first click the anvil. It should go straight to the highest tier bar you have. I think having one large interface with all the smithing options available for that bar is the way to go instead of the current drop-down menu for each weapon type. Just seems way more efficient that way.

The heat mechanic definitely needs to be looked at, especially at higher levels. It's way too tedious to have to raise the heat 5-6 times a minute when making something. A simple solution would also be to increase the timer on it based on your firemaking level. It's a perfect opportunity to tie in another skill.

An alternative solution could be "sharing" the heat with other players so anyone can raise it up. Perhaps make it a way to train firemaking?

When I have time to test it more I'll post again.
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12-Feb-2018 15:51:15

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