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Device name: Centrifuge

What it does: Mixes potions for you that require multiple steps to make, such as Supreme Overloads. Could also be used to separate potions into their base components. Perhaps it could spin different directions based on its purpose?

How it works: Place the device down, insert all the ingredients then start. After the required amount of time, withdraw the potion using vials/flasks in your inventory. For balancing purposes, each potion should take roughly as long as it does currently to create. For separating potions, there most likely needs to be a penalty to do this so it's balanced, like losing some of the ingredients. Using a Centrifuge should also reduce the amount of experience you gain in comparison to making a potion yourself manually. Separating a potion should provide little to no experience. Of course you must have the required herblore level before being able to make a potion.
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