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Will it ever be possible to add the other quests from the vampyres storyline in old school Runescape?! Because right now it stops after Darkness of Hallowvale and Legacy of Seergaze is not possible to start because it doesn't even exist. Even if they were not out in 2007, I think it could be a great idea. I remember when I did them in RS3 and I really enjoyed them. Any OSRS player agrees with me on this?

01-Jan-2017 03:51:46

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Hope this does not count as a necro, but I figured it would be best to bump rather than make a new thread.

The Myreque quest series is one of my favorite series and one I remember quite fondly. I used to spend hours upon hours grinding and gaining experience fighting the Vyrewatch, and I developed a certain bond with many of the characters I met along the way. The flail was one of my favorite weapons, and I love walking around with it and seeing people ask what it was, and talk about how cool of a weapon it was!

I ship out for the Navy on the 20th of Feb 2018. I don't know when I might be back to play again, but I really do hope and pray that I'll see my favorite quest line back in the game on the best iteration of RuneScape. If we could take most of RS3 and roll it back to OSRS, I'd be happy as a clam. I really hated EOC and that's what drove me away for a long time. I reconnected with some friends and started up on OSRS and have loved the last few days playing again.

18-Feb-2018 15:26:29

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