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I was wondering if anyone could shed any insight to managing the Kingdom on Miscellania. I put 7.5mil in coffers and gained 100 % approval. So there are a few things I would like clarification on. I believe the workers need 75k a day to work to full capacity after doing Royal Trouble however some players are saying even though you do not need to top up the coffers you should not let the coffers drop under 750k . So first off is this correct? Secondly they also say that you DO NOT NEED to get approval to 100 % at all in this time. The only time you need to get your approval back up to 100 % is when you go to collect and you can do this at 90 days. Is this correct? If not can someone please explain to me how it works and what is the best for max profit as in how many times do I need to visit my Kingdom, when should I collect and how often do I need to get approval to 100 %? keeping in mind I have 7.5mil in coffers

Thank you

20-Feb-2018 11:15:06

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In order to receive the max daily investment you need to have a minimum of 750k gp, if you've completed Royal Trouble.

Quantity of items is added to the coffers once a day, when a quantity is added the percentage goes down by one. So everyday you will lose 1% if you don't top it up.

In order to receive to the maximum amount, you need to kingdom once a day and always have more than 750k gp in the coffers. Happy Managing! :)

27-Feb-2018 03:19:18

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