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* OLD SCHOOL - Heroes Quest & Shield of Arrav Quest - Click Here
* OLD SCHOOL - Players can get help in the friends chat - OSRS SOA.
* DEADMAN - Heroes Quest & Shield of Arrav Quest - Click Here



RUNESCAPE 3 - Shield of Arrav quest has been updated and is now a solo quest.
Players can now talk to each gang leader to switch gangs.


RUNESCAPE 3 - Heroes' Quest has been updated and can now be completed without a partner. Just bring a lockpick and enter the front door of Brimhaven mansion (next to Garv) then use the lockpick on the Treasure Room door inside the mansion.

RUNESCAPE 3 - Heroes' Quest can still be played with a partner. Ironman players may find it difficult to get a lockpick, so they may find it convenient to use this thread to find someone to help them with this quest.

* Note that players can also switch gangs to by talking to Katrine or Straven in Varrock, so if you have a friend that has finished Heroes' Quest just ask them to change to the opposite gang to help you out.


Happy Questing.

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Eat Bologa

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Quest: Heroes' Quest
Gang Type Required: Phoenix Arm Gang
Date and Time: Now
EOC World and Location: 100 Brimhaven
Additional Information: Send a quick message and we'll get going

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