The World Wakes - Enakhra

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I honestly can't put into words how frustrated and annoyed I am. It's been over fifteen tries at this one particular boss and my honest opinion, it's impossible to beat. I've tried all different strategies, all different techniques.

I've looked up guides, hints, tips, and I just can't seem to beat it. I've already rage quit the game and considering not coming back, it's annoyed me that much. I'm aware that isn't the most mature approach about this, but I just can't stand how annoying it is and it'll annoy me further if I keep playing the game and can't beat this quest.

I've tried running past the pillars, hiding behind it, but it seems as soon as I break the curse when she leaches my HP, she automatically resumes again. I've found half the time, the curse doesn't break.

I've tried magic, constantly ice barraging her and running around the pillar, no avail. I've tried to melee her and stunning her as soon as she starts, no avail.

I've given up.

10-Jan-2018 17:29:32

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I have tried armadyl godsword, blood blitz and a crystal bow so far. Food kit i've tried chocolate cakes, and cabbages and of course sharks. She always drains me faster than I can cause damage.

14-Feb-2018 22:52:50

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I'm not sure how best to phrase this, so I apologize in advance if I come off as condescending; that's not my intent.

This battle gave me about a week's worth of trouble, between my actual attempts and my subsequent post-failure cooldowns, but I eventually managed to get through it earlier today.

The trick is that Enakhra's draining attack heals her by an amount proportionate to how much health you have left. If you let your health go far enough down, the amount by which she heals will decrease as well, and as long as you don't disrupt her draining, she won't use any other attacks.

In order to accomplish this, fill up your inventory with low-healing food, preferably multi-bite food like cakes or pies, and heal whenever your health dips below a certain point in the mid-100s, the lower the better. I personally was able to defeat her with a full inventory of 27 chocolate cakes (and an emergency teleport), eating a slice each time I fell below 100 health, and I still had almost two-thirds of the cakes left when I won.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

17-Feb-2018 06:29:13

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