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Magus sent a letter downstairs to the Archmage. Unusual considering he could have walked? Perhaps. Regardless, unlike some other letters Magus had sent this one did not bear the seal of the Runecrafting Guild but rather an older seal of The Coalition from the first wizard war.


I have heard rumor that you have blocked Pyrus, a friend and trusted ally of mine, from the Tower. I must insist that you lift this ban immediately and allow him to be assigned, with his consent, a more fitting master to apprentice to. Additionally, you will need to restore his access to his room.

It escapes me why Pyrus has not moved past the rank of apprentice and I would recommend he be fully reinstated if not granted the rank of Master. Pyrus has fought alongside the finest wizards the Tower has produced. He aided in the location and killing The Kornesian and defended the tower when the Ordo attacked it. He has contributed more to the Tower and Gielinor than most of our masters. Our students would be served well by his experience.

You know where to find me if you have further questions.
Magus Concendo

13-Jan-2019 23:26:57

Bruce Willis
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*A letter addressed to Magus would show up to the tower, hand-delivered by a young man carrying a fiery whip. It had no stamp or seal, of course.*


"It's Pyrus. There's something fucky going on here. The local barbarians have been steadily losing members and I've discovered the reason why; they're being controlled and sent to some fortress-esque building situated in the middle of the frozen wastes. I couldn't find a way in, and getting close produced an unnatural chill, even resisting my pyromancies. This suggests ancient magic to me. I've secured a nearby cave as a base of operations but I'm unable to proceed on my own. It's your move from here on. I'll do some research and see what I can find out.

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"Something, something, inspirational quote." -Me, just now.

19-Jan-2019 03:03:23

Ram Skul

Ram Skul

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Name: Everett

Age: 15

Race: Human

Currently living: Burthrope

Position Wanted: Apprentice

Magical Skill: Earth Magic for melee fighting (Stone armor/fists)

A Little About: Everett grew up in Burthrope and learned to use Earth Magic more effectively than the other forms because of his experiences in the mountainous regions of Burthrope he would train day in and out to make himself stronger. Physically Everett is rather scrawny, but that's why he uses his magic to make himself physically enhanced. With this method he spends more time practicing his magic and making his mind sharper rather than worry about his physical abilities.

OOC Notes: My RP'ing is a bit rusty, but I'm certain it's like riding a bike.

22-Jan-2019 05:20:37

King Tumeken
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* A whisper tickles the ear, but nobody is in sight. Not even a fly. The voice begins to feel heavy in the chest, overwhelming the body with faded words that slowly become coherent;

As a weight of something heavy invisibly unloads from your chest, you reach for your wand but echoes linger within the mind, beyond control. It utters a soft and enchanting language that puts a lock on your focus for magic. Proudly, it says

Hmmm, are you curious as to what is happening?

No. You haven't gone ill, nor mad. But you are powerful, and I have right to take my precautions in these trying times.

I am Loveless . . and although, I am not seeking to join you, I am glad I have sought you out at all.

I see you have gained support and strength in your lands, In fact I give you my support but, soon we shall meet to discuss the future of peace, or war, between our nations.

These times are difficult. I would much prefer peace, as Time and other factors to come... are our True Enemies. We shall meet more formerly the next time. . .

No. I will find you. . . although, with your wisdom, I am sure you will see it coming.

*It is only than you noticed as the voice disappeared and you no longer felt stuck in place, that the dust & sand beneath your very feet had vanished, as well.*
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

26-Jan-2019 01:19:11

King Tumeken
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King Tumeken

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Sorry I didn't want to do it too early I also had aimed for you guys to take the opportunity, that's why I did it.

It's also a friendly reminder to some about what the roleplay comm. really is, and it will help remind you of who your real friends are in the matter, or who can be your real friends :)

By the way, I love your helmet @ Croconuts.

Don't forget I support your PoK ! Cya later!
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

30-Jan-2019 07:44:21

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