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Character's Name: Arvid Håkon

Character's Age: 37

Character's Race: Human (Fremennikian)

Character's Religion: Unaligned

Character's small summery: Arvid previously was a Jarl of Neitiznot, but due to political unrest in the rest of the region he was cast out of his position. Opting to see the best in his circumstances, he used it to become an adventurer, helping people in the Fremennik Isles and Relleka. He explored further afield as his wanderlust grew, Eventually being seen in regions like the Kharidian Desert and Varrock.

He has a pet Arctic Hawk called Arnveiga whom he rescued as a chick when he was about 30, and have since become partners in adventuring.

Requesting Rank: Experienced

Role-Play Experience: A Confident 6

Arvid Håkon/37/Human
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Bumpy Skin

Bumpy Skin

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Character's Name: Olujimbe

Character's Age: 28

Character's Race: Human (Karamjan)

Character's Religion: Guthixian

Character's small summery: Olu grew up in the jungles with a tribe of guthixians who worshipped at the nature altar without knowing what it actually was.

Requesting Rank: N/A

Role-Play Experience: 8

Olujimbe "Olu" / 28 / Human (Karamjan

11-Jan-2019 01:05:59

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Update: I have decided to remove the Plot related and one random one time from the quest list, and instead, a sequal to said quest will eitehr depend on your choices, or are planned already.
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13-Jan-2019 06:51:57

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Character's Name: Cloud (Rowland)

Character's Age: 23 now. Time flies ;_;

Character's Race: Human

Character's Religion: Godless

Character's small summary: Family Dead, Friends Dead, Orphaned, Adopted sorta, became an adventurer, lots of bs happened, joined the godless, left the godless for a bit, lots of bs happened, rejoined the godless, left for a bit, rejoined, now he's here, more friends dead, my other family want me dead, another version of me wants me dead, this dude with glasses wants me dead, knows a lot of furries and children for some reason, friends with everyone somehowww??

Requesting Rank: Experienced or Veteran but won't really ask for higherrr

Role-Play Experience: 8 or 9??

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Lycan Roach
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Lycan Roach

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Character's Name: Brother Latimer
Character's Age: 53

Character's Race: Human

Character's Religion: Saradominist

Character's small summery: An aging monk from the island of Etrana, he had always been controversial among his peers for his more cynical and manipulative perspective on the spread and continuation of Saradominist practice. Eventually, following the publication of his works, the distance between he and his peers grew to such an extent that he departed from the isle. Hoping to explore the world and find a new means to help spread the dominance of Saradomin.

Requesting Rank: Novice

Role-Play Experience: 10

Brother Latimer/53/Human

04-Feb-2019 21:07:01

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