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Thanks very much for applying to join FFDN soo im bad,

Your application looks in order and I'd be happy to accept. Please meet with a Council (silver or gold target) or High Council (keys) in game to be invited to the Clan.

Welcome to FFDN :)


29-May-2014 13:08:56



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Runescape Name: Haelah
Best Skill: Um, what's considered a good skill these days?
Favourite skill: I don't really have a favourite. I pretty much work at grinding them all. I've been told to type in fishing... lol.
Do you agree to follow our guidelines?: Yes

Have you read the rules of our chat?: I took the hint.. *wink*

How did you hear about FFDN?: From one of your fellow clan members.

Why would you like to join FFDN?: I've heard it's friendly and you aren't slave drivers! :)

04-Jun-2014 08:36:51

Ki11er pal16

Ki11er pal16

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Hi Haelah
Thank you for applying to FFDN. Your application is in order so I will meet and invite.

As far as slave drivers go, if you do the weekly citadel you will not be beaten!

04-Jun-2014 08:47:15 - Last edited on 04-Jun-2014 10:39:49 by Ki11er pal16

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