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Jebrim I
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Jebrim I

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Bella Dawne said:

~ Thread Rules ~

We are imposing the following instructions for our community's Runescape Thread to ensure smooth running.

If you are not part of
, do not post on this thread for any reason, unless you are doing one of the following:
- Applying to be part of

- You are a
Forum Moderator
doing your forum duties
- As part of a Jagex competition, you are representing your clan to inform us of a battle of some sort in relation to this competition

Can "Historical Graduates from FFDN1" post? :P

02-Feb-2014 16:41:08

Adzle Cham

Adzle Cham

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Full Member Application

Runescape Name: Adzle Cham
Best Skill: 99 Runecrafting (25m xp)
Favourite skill: Runecrafting
Do you agree to follow our guidelines?: Yes

Have you read the rules of our chat?: (Hint: We are looking for a specific phrase) I took the hint

How did you hear about FFDN? From Gr34t 1 about 6 years ago

Why would you like to join FFDN?: Coming back to Runescape, was apart of ffdn years ago.

07-Feb-2014 02:05:19

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