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Quick find code: 14-15-22-65892968

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Draco Burnz said:
Chuggs5 said:
i cant find the list of names that have been released ???

If i got 1gp for every time this got asked, id be able to afford a phat:P

Maybe on OSRS, but even if every post on these forums ever was asking about that you still wouldn't be able to afford one on RS3.
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20-Mar-2017 21:41:02

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F's also all gone within seconds. I don't think this is working out.

There's a name I really want, but I know a bot is definitely going to take it.

Fun fact, did you know people design programs for this kind of thing..? That's why names are being sniped so fast! People are probably RWTing as we speak. It's just not fair.

21-Mar-2017 01:27:12

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Anakin said:
Dragon Claws said:
Pressed within a millisecond of release and didn't even get to the confirmation screen. The actual release must have been off the announcement.

They try to release it simultaneously but it's obviously always out of sync. This time, the names were released slightly earlier than the announcement itself.

Oh hello :P
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21-Mar-2017 02:28:27

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There are a few names I wouldn't mind choosing from -which I don't see being on either Old School or Runescape 3's high-scores,- yet when I try to rename my character it says that the names are unavailable.

Any ideas?
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Mod Matthe said:
Jenny Smith
- I have hidden a post of yours; please do not spam threads.

The reason this system of yours isn't working out is because you release ONE day letter a day where thousands of people are getting ready and sniping names so it's impossible to get your dream name, then random people will still be looking at it and you don't get a chance.

It should have been half the letters one day so people can't just hoard EVERY name in each letter.
No wonder previous releases were better tbh.

21-Mar-2017 05:27:29

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