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I'm sure this is asked often and people get flamed for this.
Now, I think Runescape is dead. I can't find many people to talk to randomly like before. Also, all the mini games are practically empty. Which leads me to ask,
if Runescape is not dead, then are there peak hours of when I can play things like Soulwars and Castlewars?

14-Feb-2017 16:47:34

Sal J
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Sal J

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Start talking yourself instead of waiting for someone else to talk. If everyone waits, nobody talks.

I've tried randomly saying stuff, and depending on what I say, people respond.
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14-Feb-2017 16:49:27

Why So Fishy
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Why So Fishy

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Is RS3 dead? No. Is it dying? Yes, very quickly.

OSRS 'stole' a ton of players from RS3 and almost all returning players. It's growing extremely quickly and there really isn't an end in sight.

Numbers don't lie, people, when I say 'OSRS is the more popular and thus superior game (on average)'. Your arguing with facts here, and the facts say that OSRS is indeed more popular than RS3.
Pushing for a more balanced and classic Runescape. Traditional values and the ways of old are the best ways.

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Shiavui said:
The only real way to get any player interaction in this game now is through clans or friends chats.

Or change avatar and pretend to be female
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14-Feb-2017 17:07:25

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